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From November 28th to 30th we will be exhibiting our packaging solutions
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Your packaging technology partner

We explore the most appropiate system and technology to adapt our technological solutions
to the packing needs of each client for the Indian Market

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What is INVpack?

INVpack provides VFFS Stick pack and VFFS Sachet solutions in the Indian market that go beyond the construction of a machine.

As a machine manufacturer, we have the experience of more than 20 years specialized in single-dose packaging, to offer state-of-the-art solutions for the Indian market.

We offer 24/7/365 after-sales service with a local partner. We are always at your disposal to keep your production line running without interruption.

Our remote connection technology and integration with Industry 4.0 allow precise control and efficient optimization of your packaging process.

In addition, in our laboratory, you can experiment and perfect your projects by performing pre-sales tests.

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As Dosification Experts, we solve all kind of situations and circumstances related with monodose packing


Single-dose packaging specialized

More than 20 years of experience in the Industry endorse us as experts in packaging and dosing machinery.

Industry 4.0 - INVpack

INVPACK IOT Connectivity Pack

Our machines are ready for remote Connection. Integrate into your Company Software system, like get OEE production data in real-time.


Expert partner in the pharmaceutical industry

We offer you a close service through our local partner Prospack Solutions specialized in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics field.

Pactech Machinery - INVpack

First Class After Sales Service

We are ready to offer our 24/7/365 days After Sales Service to be close to you. Commitment to be assisted by an engineer of our local partner in India.

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Sectors we specialise in

You can see the sectors where INVpack offers single-dose packaging solutions by clicking on this link.
Below, we highlight the most potential sectors in India.

Pharmaceutical sector - packaging machines - INVpack


INVpack’s pharma sector machines comply with the GMP regulation and are designed and built under the strictest production standards. With the documentation can be included: material certificates, sealing certificates, 2.1 and 3.1 certificates, roughness tests, riboflavin tests, X-rays and boroscopy images of the welding. INVpack can supply DQ, IQ and OQ documentation.

We have developed specific solutions for powder micro-dose filling below 5 grams. Furthermore, our service technicians can assist the client during the IQ and OQ execution. Optionally, the machines can be supplied complying with the 21 CFR Part 11.

We can advise our clients on end of line integration such as cartoning machines, weight controls, strings folding machines, counting groups, etc. Meet our automatic filling machine for liquid, powder filling machine for pharmaceutical products

Coffee and food products

Coffee is one of the oldest drinks in most cultures. Coffee is the second most traded commodity worldwide and its consumption has increased by 95% in the last 30 years. At INVpack we have developed different kind of solutions for coffee packaging. Some examples of coffee packaging machines include coffee capsule packaging machines, coffee filling machines, coffee capsule filling machines, coffee pod packaging machines and coffee packaging equipment focused on:

  • Tea or coffee capsules
  • Stick pack
  • Sachet
  • Bag

To offer the best packing solution for this and all kind of products, all INVpack packaging machines are equipped with industrial PC, touch-screen and servomotorized operation, it allows the control of basic parameters in each model such as pressure, temperature, seal time and envelope, that guarantee a high quality seal.

Our customers can improve profitability in production cost thanks to our automatic Stick Pack String Folding System, including the Box Feeding device.

Learn more about our food packaging solutions with specific machines for coffee, sauces, sugars, masala packing, etc.

Food sector - packaging machines - INVpack

Trusting INVpack means...


Why INVpack?

As packaging machinery manufacturer, at INVpack, we dedicate a large part of our resources in developing personalized and direct relationships with all of our clients. Leadership, innovation, teamwork, customer orientation, mutual respect, trust and transparency are the factors that define us as an organization and serve as a guide for continuing to grow and achieve professional excellence.


Our packing solutions

Types of monodose packaging. Choose the best option with the INVpack exceptional customer service.

Sachet packaging - INVpack


Pack with 4 high quality seals for an endless number of applications,
to pack any product maintaining all the properties, aroma and flavour.

Stick pack packaging - INVpack

Stick pack

Pack with 3 seals with a 33% saving in film, with the
same guarantees as the sachet format.

Discover our packing machine equipment

At INVpack we develope machinery for flexible monodose products packed in stick pack, sachet, capsules and
pouch packing, according to the trends and needs of the Indian market.

MVA - Sachet packaging machine - INVpack


Machine solution for sachet packaging.
Sachet packaging machine series.


BY - Stick pack packaging machine - INVpack


Machine for small-sized solution in the stick pack.


PH - Stick pack packaging machine - INVpack


PH machine solution for monodose stick pack for pharmaceutical products.

SP - Stick pack packaging machine - INVpack


SP Machine solution for monodose stick pack.



Machine solution for capsules filling packaging.

Find your packaging machine

Choose and select the specific characteristics of your product to find out which
single-dose packaging machinery that best suits your project, find your automatic packing machine



Success stories

Discover INVpack's success stories in the pharmaceutical and coffee sectors.

Pharmaceutical sector

PH6 fully equipped with laser coding, camera inspection with OCR text recognition with Cognex camera, full servo-controlled motors, auger filler with PIAB feeding system, inline checkweigher with until 0.01gr accuracy, transfer of the stick packs with pick and place system.

Coffee sector

Coffee is a drink that is very present in our daily life. At INVpack we develope machinery to pack it in single-dose in different formats: stick pack or sachet.


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